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Observer Data Analysis Suite is a comprehensive tool for advanced analysis and post-processing of the data obtained with Digitex Systems units for permanent structural monitoring or Ambient Vibration Measurements. Observer Data Analysis Suite provides wide range of powerful signal analysis tools that help the engineers to understand the structures behaviour. Besides the standard processing techniques like time domain analysis, filtering, frequency domain analysis (FFT, PS, PST, SVD), time domain integration (velocity and displacement) Observer also offers advanced features like calculating the Response Spectrum (using different calculation methods), damping ratio for selected channel and frequency and Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) for determining the dynamic characteristics of the structure. Observer Data Analysis Suite also offers animation feature for visualization of the structure's behaviour in 3D at different frequencies for better understanding the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the structure. Advanced reporting feature of the Observer Data Analysis Suite can be used for sharing the structural behaviour of the structure and additional updating and corelating of the Finite Element (FE) model of the structure, design verification and determining the potential problems during and after the construction.



Key Features


Attractive and user-friendly interface

Highly customizable graphical interface for easier browsing through signals and processed data

Easy to use – follows simple logical pattern for data analysis

Unlimited number of channels and duration

Simple import of measurement files in ASCII format (compatible with other measurement systems)

Signal Processing and filtering in time domain (Butterworth, Chebyshev, Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass)

Decimation, averaging, corrected and uncorrected acceleration on all channels by removing the DC offset.

Spectrogram and Frequency Analysis (FFT, PS, SVD, PSD)

Response Spectrum Analysis (Newmark-Average, Newmark-Linear, Wilson-Theta, Duhamel)

Damping calculation for given frequency

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) for determining basic modal parameters (Natural frequencies, modes, shape)

3D animation of different modal shapes for selected frequency

Supports simple geometry file for defining the structure’s measurements points and direction.

Advanced Reporting with all processed data so a single PDF file format.


Observer - Data Analysis and OMA Suite