Voyager software is running on xPlorer, central data acquisition unit, or installed at cloud. It is developed under cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment. This design choice aims to optimize throughput and scalability in web based real-time applications with many input/output operations.
The idea behind the Voyager central acquisition software is to offer the end users easy and platform independent web access to the features and settings of the Sentry System.
The Voyager central acquisition software provides Real-Time acquisition, management and analysis of data from all connected Sentry System units in a daisy chain SHM system. It offers a flexible solution for field/remote acquisition and structural data analysis. Voyager can accept stream with data from any Sentry System unit (xWave, xSense or xStrain). Collected data can be recorded simultaneously or can be rebroadcasted to the client software. Number of Sentry System units, channel scale factor and offset, pre- and post-event time, channel trigger level and weight and communications parameters are configurable for each Sentry System unit.
One of the main advantages of Voyager is that it’s not necessary to be installed and to run locally where the Sentry System units are installed. If all Sentry System units can be connected directly to internet connection then Voyager can be installed and running on a cloud service, thus providing flexibility in terms of local maintenance and removing the need for xPlorer as a hardware.
Voyager is capable for automatic creation of PDF reports for every event. This is a WEB based application which is accessible from any internet enabled computer. Access to this application is granted to specific group of people with appropriate Login Information. Users can view the stored event records or schedule On-Demand event.



Key Features


WEB interface access
Collect and View real-time data from all sensors simultaneously
User Management
Remote device configuration: sampling rate, communication parameters, calibration data
Remote system configuration: channel configuration, synchronization type, rebroadcast, trigger, filter and ring buffer settings
User configurable trigger with settings for channel, levels, Pre and Post event time
Schedule data recording at specific time
Manual on-demand data recording
User configurable email alerts on trigger event
Data transmission to designated server
Store all data from all sensors into local Data Base
Access historic data (Ring Buffer)
Access triggered data
Access scheduled data
Automatic PDF report generation with graphical representation and key parameters (FFT, PA, PV, PD, P-P, MIN, MAX, AVG)


Voyager - Data Acquisition and Processing Software