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Introducing Voyager software, the ultimate solution for real-time data management and analysis. Installed on xPlorer, cloud or central data acquisition unit, it offers easy access to data from all connected Sentry System units. Real-time acquisition, management and analysis in a flexible, remote and web-based solution. Automatic PDF report generation and web-based access from any internet-enabled device. Upgrade your data management today with Voyager.

Key Features

  • Remote monitoring and management via WEB interface

  • Real-time data collection and simultaneous viewing from all sensors

  • User management for controlling access and permissions

  • Remote device and system configuration for flexibility

  • User-configurable trigger with settings for channel, levels, and Pre and Post event time

  • Scheduled and manual data recording options

  • Email alerts on trigger events and Automatic PDF report generation with graphical representation and key parameters

  • Data transmission to designated servers and storage in local database with access to historic, triggered and scheduled data.

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