Key Features


Small ABS enclose (UL94V-0)

Supports wireless DigiMEH® protocol

Wireless 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz

Wi-Fi Defragmentation

Easy configuration via web interface

Easy installation

Compatible with all xDAS wireless units

Compatible with Pulse units

Soft On/Off switch

Low power consumption

Automatic Battery Charging, when connected to 5V USB

Battery level indicator





DigiMESH® network offers a self-healing algorithm that automatically chooses the best route to send the data even if some wireless sensors have inadvertently lost connection. The algorithms only allow connections that are available and working. Even when some sensors are not working, the whole network still works. DigiMESH® networking also allows devices to communicate with each other without going all the way back to the gateway. DigiMESH® networking offers real-world advantages to wireless SHM applications, as it is always accessible, always on and highly reliable.

xNet Ambient supports 802.11n/g/b standard for wireless extension and superb backward compatibility with all xDAS wireless units. You can use xNet Ambient to extend your wireless network to all sensors in most easy and inexpensive way. xNet Ambient supports DigiMESH® protocol and offers extended connection as you move or relocate your xWave Ambient units around the measured structure when linked with a xPlorer Ambient unit or cloud-based Voyager. Wireless units will automatically connect to each other or to the nearest xNet Ambient.

Using our DigiMESH® technology You can easily build your wireless network of SHM sensors without network expertise, expensive network equipment and complex installations. If your wireless xWave units are too far apart from each other, just add additional xNet Ambient units for more efficient Wi-Fi coverage for your sensors. xNet Ambient is powered by battery that can offer more than 12 hours continuous measurement. The device is equipped with internal battery charger and 5V USB connector.


xNet Ambient - Portable Network Unit