Key Features


Rugged enclosure
Web based server for generating reports
Data archiving (triggered, scheduled or buffered)
Real-Time data streaming to the web clients
Triggering mechanism
Pre-Post event management
Data compression for reduced bandwidth
Ethernet/Wi-Fi/GSM communication protocols
Low power consumption
GPS time and data synchronization
Can provide Power Charging for all nodes
Internal battery for 24 hours operation





xPlorer Ambient provides Real-Time acquisition, management and analyzes of data from all units in a xDAS Ambient Vibration Measurement System. It offers an affordable and flexible solution for field acquisition and structural data analysis. It is designed for field measurements in harsh environments. Size, weight, and cabling are critical design requirements in almost any field measurement. Variety of international safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and environmental certifications and ratings are all available with xPlorer Ambient. xPlorer Ambient is powered by battery that can offer more than 24 hours continuous measurement.

The web-based measurement system xPlorer Ambient is the hub of our product package and takes care of all data collection, communication, processing, monitoring and storage of measurement data. Here you can also set trigger settings and alerts that automatically send an e-mail or SMS to those responsible if a measurement exceeds permitted limits or if a failure occurs. With the xPlorer you can operate the xDAS AVM system remotely and keep an eye on your measurement data in real time, wherever you are.

xPlorer - Portable Recording and Processing Unit