Centralized Health Monitoring Systems

xRover Centralized systems


Experience precision and reliability with xRover. Our custom-configured high-performance system offers multi-channel, real-time data acquisition and structural analysis. Support user-specified sampling rates and integrate all sensor types. Durable and compact design for harsh environments and reliable performance. With Voyager® software, access real-time data and automatic PDF reports from any internet-enabled device.

Key Features

  • Rugged, IP67-protected aluminum enclosure

  • Multi-channel real-time data acquisition with central recording

  • Included Voyager® acquisition software and Observer® for advanced analysis

  • High-quality AD conversion with customizable resolutions

  • Customisable number and type of channels

  • User configurable sampling rate

  • Ethernet/GSM communication protocols

  • Internal SSD memory and GPS/RTC synchronisation for accurate data storage and time-stamping

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