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A sophisticated health monitoring
solution for every structure


Are you a building owner or manager concerned about the potential impact of natural or man-made events on your structures?


Seeking reliable solutions to monitor and maintain the structural integrity of your bridges for enhanced safety and performance?
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In search of reassurance about the safety and longevity of your dam, ensuring its robust construction for years to come?


Looking to improve your blasting efficiency while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and maintaining a safe mining environment?


Discover the benefits of our SHM systems for your mining facilities, dams, reservoirs, levees, oil platforms, oil rigs, pipelines, and power plants.


This type of system offers advanced monitoring capabilities for structures, using cutting-edge software to gather and analyze data from multiple xDAS units in real-time…

Learn More about Distributed SHM
Introduce precision and reliability to your structural health monitoring with Digitex’ xCAS. Our high-performance system offers multi-channel real-time data acquisition and structural analysis with manual and event-driven triggering. The system can integrate most sensor types to offer a more detailed picture of a structure’s health…

Learn More about Centralised SHM
The Digitex xDAS AVM System is the perfect solution for monitoring vibrations in structures. With its portable, battery-operated design and wireless capabilities, it’s easy to set up and use in any location. The system offers a variety of options, including the ability to extend wireless coverage and support for multiple sensor types…

Learn More about Portable SHM
The Digitex SHM system offers a cost-effective solution for monitoring any structure, from single-story homes to multi-story buildings and unique structures…

Learn More about Personal SHM
Our company offers powerful software solutions for structural monitoring and analysis. Voyager allows for real-time data acquisition and management in a daisy chain SHM system.

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