xInc – The Next Leap in Structural Health Monitoring


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Welcome to our in-depth look at xInc – high precision digital Inclinometer, the latest innovation from Digitex in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). xInc is meticulously designed for harsh industrial environments, offering unparalleled robustness and advanced data acquisition. This device is a game-changer for SHM applications, providing reliable performance in diverse settings, from urban infrastructure to complex industrial facilities.

Advanced Connectivity and Data Handling

At its core, xInc excels in versatility and connectivity. It’s equipped with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and GSM options, ensuring seamless communication. The device boasts an internal SD card for efficient on-device data storage and analysis, tailored to meet various monitoring needs with its customizable sensor compatibility.

Energy Efficiency and Robust Design

Energy efficiency is another hallmark of xInc. With options for solar power and battery operation, it minimizes energy consumption while maintaining peak performance. Housed in an IP67-rated aluminum enclosure, xInc promises durability even in the most challenging conditions. Its user-friendly interface, complete with an informational display and web interface, makes monitoring and data analysis straightforward and accessible.

Wide-Ranging Applications in SHM

xInc’s applicability extends to numerous structures, including bridges, buildings, and industrial facilities. Its robust build and diverse communication options guarantee consistent performance, essential for ensuring structural integrity and safety.

Seamless Integration with Digitex Distributed Systems

As part of Digitex’s Distributed Systems, xInc integrates seamlessly with other SHM products, like the xDAS units. This integration allows for real-time data analysis and quick distribution of alerts and data over the internet, crucial for emergency response during events like earthquakes. Its quick analysis feature provides valuable insights into the interaction between dynamic loads and structural modal characteristics, proving invaluable for engineers and researchers.

In summary, xInc represents a significant leap in SHM technology, redefining the standards for monitoring and protecting vital structures in various industries.

To learn more about our SHM products and their groundbreaking capabilities, visit our website and make sure to reach out if you have any inquires!

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