Distributed Health Monitoring Systems

xSense system


Unlock the full potential of your structural health monitoring with xSense – our fully digital solution for acquiring data from any sensor with voltage output. Affordable, flexible and designed for use in harsh environments and small places. Compact, rugged design certified for industrial use -40° to 55°C. Easy network installation and can accept variety of sensors for precise monitoring. Long-term reliable performance.

Key Features

  • Distributed digitizer unit for monitoring a wide range of voltage sensors (displacement, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, inclination, air blast, corrosion, etc.) for specific SHM installations

  • Rugged aluminum enclosure with IP67 protection

  • High-quality AD conversion with 16-bit SAR resolution

  • 8/16 channel (±10VDC) for connecting any voltage sensor in the range

  • Configurable sampling rate, Ethernet/Wi-Fi/GSM connectivity

  • DigiMESH® support, Micro SD card storage, GPS/RTC syncing

  • Self-test function, easy installation with POE capability (9-72VDC)

  • Wide operating temperature range

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