xWave Max

Standalone Health Monitoring Systems

xWave MAX


The xWave Max stands as a pinnacle of innovation in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). A fully digital, standalone unit excels in harsh environments and confined spaces, offering remarkable control and data acquisition in a compact, rugged design. With its ability to withstand extreme temperatures (-40 °C to 55°C) and compliance with various international safety and EMC certifications, xWave Max is ideal for diverse SHM applications. 

Key Features

  • Versatile Use: Functions as a standalone accelerograph or digital accelerometer in SHM systems

  • Diverse Communication: Offers Ethernet, Wi-Fi, DigiMESH®, and GSM options

  • Enhanced Data Handling: Equipped with an internal Micro SD card for local event file storage and real-time data processing

  • Multiple Accelerometer Options: Select from various embedded accelerometer models for tailored monitoring

  • Alarm Functionality: Receive real-time alerts through digital outputs, relays, SMS or email ensuring you are always informed.

  • Energy Efficient: Low power consumption with solar power and battery options.

  • Robust Build: IP67 protection in a rugged aluminium enclosure, ensuring durability in challenging environments

  • User-Friendly Interface: Features an informational display and web interface for seamless operation and monitoring

xWave Max Applications: 

The xWave Max stands out in the SHM sector due to its superior capabilities, making it ideal for diverse structural health monitoring applications. Whether it’s monitoring bridges, buildings, dams, or industrial facilities, its advanced features ensure comprehensive coverage. The device’s robust construction and flexible communication options, including wireless and wired networks, guarantee consistent and reliable performance in various environments.

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