Distributed Health Monitoring Systems

xInc SHM Digitex


Fully digital solution for building structural health monitoring systems. Affordable & flexible for field/remote acquisition and analysis. Compact, rugged and certified for harsh industrial environments -40° to 55°C. Can be used standalone or in a network for easy installation. Variety of sensor options for SHM instrumentation. Run reliably for days, months or even years without stopping.

Key Features

  • Can be used as standalone or in a daisy chain SHM system

  • Rugged aluminum enclosure with IP67 protection

  • High-quality AD conversion and 32-bit resolution

  • Embedded 3-channel accelerometer

  • High sampling rate of 200Hz, user configurable

  • Multiple communication protocols supported and easy wireless connectivity with internal storage

  • GPS/RTC time synchronisation and self-test function

  • Easy installation, low power consumption and wide operating temperature range.

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