Bridging Safety Gaps: Ambient Vibration Measurements for the Bashino Selo Road Bridge, Veles

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We consistently strive to adapt our technology to a wide range of infrastructures, ensuring their safety and longevity. One such notable application of our Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)solutions is in the field of bridge monitoring. We take pride in sharing a unique project involving Ambient Vibration Measurements (AVM) for the bridge in Bashino Selo, Veles.

The Bashino Selo Bridge, over 40 years old and spanning 80 meters in length, is an essential road link in Veles. Despite its age, the bridge continues to serve its purpose thanks to vigilant
monitoring and upkeep. For this project, we deployed our Portable Data Acquisition System
(PDAQ) to perform AVM at more than 30 measurement points across the bridge. The system was equipped with our Digitex D110-T triaxial accelerometer, specifically designed to capture detailed vibration data.

Key aspects of our AVM Safety System at the Bashino Selo bridge:

  • Versatile Monitoring: Our PDAQ system, combined with the D110-T triaxial accelerometer,
    offers versatile ambient vibration data capture. This comprehensive setup allows us to
    monitor more than 30 points on the bridge, ensuring detailed structural analysis.
  • Advanced Data Analysis: Beyond Basic FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), our system performs
    advanced Modal Analysis from the measured data. These advanced analytical capabilities
    allow us to interpret complex vibration patterns and accurately determine the structural
    health of the bridge.
  • Tailored to Unique Infrastructure: The system is customized to cater to the specific needs
    of the Bashino Selo Bridge, given its age and structural characteristics. This bespoke
    approach ensures that our monitoring solutions effectively assess the safety and integrity of the bridge.

    This project showcases our commitment to leveraging our innovative SHM technology to
    safeguard diverse infrastructures. It reinforces the effectiveness of our solutions in ensuring the structural integrity and safety of aging structures like the 40-year-old bridge in Bashino Selo. At Digitex, we continue to develop and implement advanced SHM solutions that instill confidence in the safety and reliability of essential infrastructures.

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